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  • New Spec Rating of 1 Pick

    My last two speculative rating of 1, highest level of confidence stocks to watch… NeuLion (TSX: NLN) and Anaconda Mining (TSX: ANX) made an average gain of 66% in an average of 8 trading days. I am about to post Phoscan Chemical (TSX: FOS), currently $0.30, as my new speculative rating of 1, highest level of confidence stock to watch! […]...

  • Urgent Update

    Don’t doubt me about Stillwater Mining (SWC), it may be a larger company than most members are used to… but look at the crazy turnaround it made today! After being down 4.8% this morning, SWC is now up 2% for the day… even with palladium prices down 2% today. SWC is currently trading for only 0.21X the palladium ETF […]...

  • New Stock to Watch Just Posted

    I just posted Minco Silver (TSX: MSV) as my new stock to watch with a speculative rating of 2, my second highest level of confidence!...